FSMA Compliance

Be FSMA-Ready with SafetyChain’s Food Safety & Quality Management Solutions

FSMA webinar with Dr. David Acheson - February 14
With the FDA’s first use of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s registration suspension authority – along with the recent announcement of some of the key, long-awaited FSMA regulations – the time for FSMA preparation and readiness is NOW. SafetyChain's FSQA managment platform - SafetyChain for Food - is your single technology source solution for all current and expected FSMA compliance challenges.

Current and, we expect, soon to be announced FSMA regulations are calling for:

  • Prevention and corrective actions starting at the farm – and continuing all the way to the fork
  • Mandated HACCP-like food prevention plans
  • Foreign supplier verification program
  • Accreditation standards for 3rd-party certification bodies – transparency
  • Tighter regulations for sanitary transportation
  • Enhanced tracking/record keeping requirements
  • Enhanced food borne illness surveillance systems
  • Continued focus on regulatory/non-regulatory pathogen intervention
  • Payment for FDA regulatory services such as recall investigation & management and facility deficiency re-inspections
  • Import/export documentation and significantly tighter regulations
  • Enhanced focus on technology as enabler
  • FDA Access to GFSI, other 3rd Party Audits; random unannounced

With new FSMA regulations bring new challenges. For example, you may be thinking,
“How Can I ...”

  • Collect and analyze safety data in realtime at every point in my supply chain including in the field/on the farm?
  • Manage hazard analysis in realtime?
  • Create control programs and realtime records for inbound/outbound/internal ingredients, raw materials, in-process product and finished products?
  • Get realtime notification from all food supply chain points when non-compliant results detected?
  • Take immediate and documented corrective actions on insanitary conditions and failed tests?
  • Prevent non-compliant shipments from going out – CCP violations, for example?
  • Be FDA-audit ready every day without interrupting day-to-day business?

How SafetyChain for Food Can Help You Be FSMA Ready – Fast – and Cost-Effectively

SafetyChain for Food is a highly flexible, scalable and secure Food Safety and Quality Assurance solution – designed to be deliver hard-dollar Return on Investment – and with the industry’s most comprehensive set of FSMA compliance features. With SafetyChain for Food, FSMA compliance can actually save you money with features such as the ability to:

  • Gather test results electronically – in realtime – in the farm or field (via mobile forms, digital photos and more), on the production floor, and from suppliers, labs, testing equipment and more
  • Have all results immediately analyzed to specifications with data accessible remotely or from a central console
  • When deviations are detected, automatic alerts are sent to all key stakeholders for immediate corrective action – for ex., insanitary conditions, improper refrigeration
  • Prevent shipments testing positive for pathogens, foreign materials, etc.
  • Automate COA review for safety/quality attribute compliance (domestic, imported) before arrival at manufacturing facility – promotes immediate shipping
  • Create a realtime, automated, central repository of unalterable time/date stamped data to help you be FDA and customer audit-ready “on-demand”

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