HACCP and HARPC Compliance


What if you could ...

  • Automate food safety plans for every product group and facility?
  • Access all of your organization’s safety data from a single, central repository?
  • Respond “on-demand” to USDA and FDA inquiries and audits?
  • Get realtime non-compliance alerts for timely CAPAs?

You Can ... With SafetyChain for Food HACCP/Preventive Controls:

  • Pre-built configuration template lets you set up your USDA HACCP and FDA Preventive Controls program easily – and ensures that only the most up-to-date plans and forms are used
  • Task scheduler feature sets up all CCPs, PRPs and more with automated alerts for time/dates due; escalating alerts ensure tasks get completed on time and avoid rework and shipment delay
  • Workflow verification, including pre-shipment review authorizations and positive releases with e-signatures – sweeps product releases automatically to ERP or MRP systems
  • Data and documents can be managed and reviewed remotely from any computer or smart mobile device – from anywhere with an internet access 
  • Realtime dashboards display trends for compliance status for sanitation and environmental controls, pest control, preventive maintenance, test/task data results, CAPAs and more

Respond “On-Demand” to Audits and Inquiries

  • Searchable central repository of all relevant FSQA data – both current and historical – means fast, accurate response to USDA, FDA and customer inquiries
  • Respond to “surprise” audits anywhere, anytime – no boxes of papers … just your laptop or smart tablet device (really!)
  • Auto-organize all relevant documents for each type of audit – by product, facility, incident or any other parameter required
  • Unalterable time/data stamps and electronic signatures for documents and records bring a new level of efficacy to USDA and FDA program compliance 

Plus, for supermarkets and other retail facilities effected by the proposed USDA grind log rule, ensure compliance and audit-readiness:

  • Automate and standardize grind log forms on mobile tablets for required record keeping
  • Generate realtime alert notifications for non-compliant events that automatically open a corrective and preventive action (CAPA)
  • Review reports on-the-go for accurate and timely maintenance of grind log records
  • Conveniently access any record, anywhere in realtime – allowing food safety managers at national and multi-facility retailers to have an on-demand view of performance across the organization
  • Have the grind log records become a part of the overall food safety and HACCP records for “click of a mouse” audit readiness 

Return on Investment

  • With SafetyChain HACCP/Preventive Controls, you can automate robust programs that help prevent food safety issues before they start while also saving time and money:
  • Mobile monitoring and inspection forms populate a central FSQA database – increasing accuracy, getting product out the door faster and eliminating manual input
  • Realtime data analysis minimize FSQA holds, rework and costs associated with internal compliance failures 
  • On-demand audit readiness saves audit-prep time and keeps your operations running smoothly – even during “surprise” audits

SafetyChain for Food helps you comply with all regulatory, non-regulatory and customer-driven requirements. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your compliance requirements and how SafetyChain can help. SafetyChain Also Helps You Automate Your HARPC Plans! Click Here for Datasheet