How Does SafetyChain for Food Work?

SafetyChain Helps Catch Food Safety and Quality Compliance Incidents Before They Happen or Get “Out of Control” 

With realtime food safety and quality data collection and analysis to specifications – along with automatic alerts when deviations are detected – SafetyChain for Food helps prevent non-compliant ingredients and raw materials from coming in, and non-conforming finished products from going out. Additionally, SafetyChain for Food helps ensure Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) workflow, processes and documentation – while also creating a central repository of FSQA data for trending, assessments, reporting and audit readiness.

How SafetyChain for Food technology works:

1. Say What You Do

  • With SafetyChain for Food, all of your regulatory and non-regulatory food safety and quality requirements and programs are set up and defined in the system. Some of these may be pre-defined – with SafetyChain’s FSCMS, SafetyChain for Food, for example, GFSI codes are already in the system; for other programs, such as your customer compliance requirements, your software vendor helps to set those up in the FSCMS.
  • All of the components of your food safety plans and data sources, that are necessary to support your requirements, are also set up in the system and associated with your programs. This includes all of your SOPs, PRPs, GMPs, for example, as well as when they need to be reviewed/revised, sanitation schedules, forms, data from equipment such as cooling or weight machinery, and more.

2. Do What You Say

  • SafetyChain for Food’s workflow engine ensures all tasks associated with your requirements/programs (#1) – including food safety monitoring activities – are completed according to your documented schedules. All tasks are associated with their current forms, such as, but not limited to, those for internal direct observation inspections, quality attributes, internal/external lab data collection and vendor forms.
  • All tasks are scheduled via an electronic task scheduler with auto-notifications when tasks are due – a notification to a supplier when a GFSI audit certificate is due – or to a line supervisor that the metal detectors must be calibrated, for example. Incomplete or omitted tasks generate escalated alerts.

3. Ensure it Works

  • SafetyChain for Food’s verification engine analyzes all food safety and quality data – such as safety assessments from mobile forms or test results from a lab – in realtime to the requirements and specifications defined in the system.
  • If results are out of spec, an alert is issued; and automatically generates timely CAPAs and tracks to completion.

4. Make Sure it’s Documented

  • Every component is time and date stamped – with eSignatures where required – and accessed from the SafetyChain for Food’s central repository of data as part of your permanent FSQA record.
  • Every document, test result, CAPA … from every location … all accessible with your security login from any laptop or computer, anywhere, anytime.

The end result?

Realtime food safety and quality data trending enabling you to fine-tune and make adjustments to specifications, processes and procedures.  The ability to respond on-demand to regulatory, 3rd party and customer inquiries and audits. Plus comprehensive management of supplier programs and customer commitments. 

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