SafetyChain Solutions

Ensure Compliance with Your Food Safety & Quality Specifications at Every Step in Your Food Supply Chain

Automate, Streamline and Improve Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA)

  • Supplier Compliance - Paperless management of vendor approval programs
    Document; Surveys/Questionnaires; Scorecards; Supplier Audits
  • Food Safety & Quality Management  - Realtime safety and quality enforcement
    HACCP/HARPC; Lab Information Management; Quality Data Collection/Reporting; Specification Management; Process Controls
  • Compliance & Audit Management - On demand audit readiness and program compliance
    Regulatory - FDA, USDA, CFIA); GFSI Schemes; Internal/Customer
  • SafetyChain Mobile Apps - FSQA data capture anywhere, anytime
    In the field, in the store, on the manufacturing floor,  in transit 

With SafetyChain's key features like realtime data gathering/analysis, smart alerts and up-to-date dashboards and analytics, you can stop, for example, a non-compliant shipment of ingredients from coming in from a supplier, or prevent non-compliant finished goods from going out to customers. Additionally - because all food safety and quality data, test results, procedures and corrective actions have unalterable time/date stamps - you are audit-ready every day ... from your desktop and even from a smart tablet!

And this turns in to Hard-Dollar Return on Investment, for example: 

  • Stopping just one product delay, recall, retrieval or rejection can pay for the solution
  • Reducing manual data entry/analysis saves time and money – and often eliminates record omissions and/or the need for retesting due to manual errors
  • Getting safety & quality compliant products out the door faster helps win and retain customers

Can SafetyChain's solutions help your company?  Contact us to speak to a solutions consultant, request a product demo or a complimentary ROI calculation!