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2017 Food Safety & Quality Operations Survey Report

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[SafetyChain & The Acheson Group Survey Report]: What keeps you up at night? Gain insights from this informative report highlighting key findings from the 2017 Food Safety & Quality Operations Survey. The survey was designed to assess the top challenges faced by food safety and quality teams and explore the tactics being used by food and beverage companies to overcome these challenges. Survey sponsored by SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group.

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Leveraging Real-Time Food Safety and Quality Data to Drive Better Results

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[SafetyChain eBrief]: To become more strategic in how they manage their data, leading food and beverage companies are shifting to real-time data management systems. A real-time data tool helps turn static data into actionable information that can help your company move from a place of reaction to one of prevention — improving efficiency, reducing risks, and ultimately achieving better results. In this ebrief, we share best practices and ideas that reveal how real-time data tools can help you drive better everyday results in your company.

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Keep It Simple: New Software Tool Cuts Through Data Clutter

[Food Safety Tech Article] Proper management of data intelligence can be difficult. The key to success is to be able to translate the data into useable information to drive improvements in processes, products, and business operations. In this article by Food Safety Tech’s Maria Fontanazza, Barry Maxon, CEO and President of SafetyChain explains why the company developed the SafetyChain Analytics tool and how it can help food companies save money and drive operational excellence.

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Connecting the Data: How the Produce Industry is Embracing and Benefiting From the Internet of Things

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[Produce Blueprints Article]: Eric Hansen, SafetyChain’s Director of Technical Solutions, provided insights on how the produce industry is embracing and benefiting from the Internet of Things in article, published in the July 2017 issue of Produce Blueprints.

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Software Solutions Help Processors Turn Data into Action

[Food Engineering Article]: Processors compile and maintain vast stores of data, but it takes identifying your organization’s specific needs and customizing your technology solution to unleash the true power of data. In this article by Food Engineering’s Casey Laughman, Jill Bender, SafetyChain’s VP Marketing, and Bill Benson, SafetyChain’s Director of Strategic Accounts discuss the importance of planning and goal setting when implementing technology to optimize FSQA operations, drive performance, and achieve better results.

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Is Your CIP Costing You More Than It Should?

[SafetyChain eBrief]: If you utilize a Clean-In-Place (CIP) process, chances are it’s impacting your operations’ bottom line more than it should. In this CIP Optimization Guide, learn how you can ensure all your washes are FDA compliant, reduce water, electricity, and chemical usage, and avoid production delays caused by CIP processes.

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