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4 Key Ways Technology Helps Ensure GFSI Compliance

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[SafetyChain eBrief]: To remain competitive and consistently deliver the safest food possible, more food companies are pursuing certification through The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Yet, while becoming GFSI certified is advantageous for an overwhelming majority of companies, it also presents challenges. In this eBrief, we share how many companies are turning to technology to manage the complexities of managing a GFSI program and realizing the benefits of better performance, stronger partnerships with customers, and maximized productivity.

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Rising Up to Meet FSMA Documentation Challenges

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[ProFood World Article] Article explores the challenges of meeting FSMA regulatory and record keeping requirements. SafetyChain Director of Technical Solutions Eric Hansen offers insight into how technology solutions ease the burden of data capture, real-time monitoring, documentation change management, and storage. 

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Leveraging Technology to Automate a FSMA-Ready Food Safety Plan

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[SafetyChain eBrief]: In updating their programs to comply with FSMA, companies throughout the food supply chain are recognizing the value of leveraging technology and automation to handle the influx of recordkeeping requirements. In this eBrief, we outline six key components that every FSMA-ready Food Safety Plan should include, and offer insight on how a technology solution can help you more effectively meet the goals of your plan.

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Using Technology to Overcome the Top 5 Food Safety and Quality Challenges

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[SafetyChain eBrief]: Today’s FSQA operations are more complex and challenging than ever, and food companies are turning to technology to help. Learn how leading food and beverage companies are implementing technology to enable more efficient and effective FSQA operations. From automating audits to continuous improvement, technology can help mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

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Information Technology: Intelligence Super Tools of the Trade

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[Food Quality & Safety Article] Developments in information technology are making leaps and bounds to benefit the food supply chain. In this article by Linda L. Leake, MS, SafetyChain VP Marketing Jill Bender and GFF, Inc. Food Safety and Compliance Specialist Aisha Kalley discuss on-demand access to food safety and quality data with SafetyChain’s business intelligence tool, SafetyChain Analytics.

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Shifting from Paper to Technology: How 3 Food Producers are Adopting Technology to Drive Operational Efficiency

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[SafetyChain eBrief]: The shift from utilizing paper to leveraging technology for FSQA operations is growing rapidly for good reason. Not only does it provide operational efficiencies, but it also helps food and beverage companies ensure compliance. Learn how three leading food companies are making the shift from paper to technology and the impact it’s making on reduced cost, waste, and risk. 

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