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SafetyChain Included in CIOReview’s 2016 Top 20 Food and Beverage Technology Solution Providers List

[CIOReview Article]: SafetyChain is delighted to be included in CIOReview’s Top 20 Food & Beverage Industry Solution Providers. Read in this CIOReview article how SafetyChain is driving impactful changes within the food industry’s food safety and quality operations.

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The Critical Role of Technologies for Today’s Food Safety & Quality Operations

[SafetyChain eBrief]: In this executive brief, gain insights on how emerging food safety & quality technologies are bringing fundamental and critical changes to FSQA operations and enabling food & beverage companies to better manage risk and meet key performance indicators while saving time, money and creating operational efficiencies.

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2016 FSMA Readiness & Compliance Strategy Survey Report

[SafetyChain & The Acheson Group Survey Report]: How prepared is the food industry for FSMA? Gain insights from this informative report highlighting key findings from the 2016 FSMA Readiness & Compliance Strategy Survey. The survey was designed to assess how prepared the food industry is for FSMA, the impact FSMA will have on organizations and strategies being deployed to ensure compliance. Survey sponsored by SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group.

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How to Automate a FSMA-Ready Food Safety Plan

[SafetyChain eBrief]: Learn in this whitepaper how technology can help streamline and improve FSQA while lowering cost of goods made whether you’ll be impacted by FSMA or not! Read about the basic concept of Food Safety Chain Management technology and how it automates each of the 6 key requirements of a FSMA Food Safety Plan: 1) written plans for each product and facility; 2) risk assessment; 3) preventive controls; 4) monitoring, verification and validation; 5) corrective/preventive actions and re-analysis; and 6) documentation.

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The Silicon Review Lists SafetyChain Software Among Top 30 Companies of the Year 2016

[The Silicon Review Article]: The Silicon Review 30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year program identifies the most dynamic companies that have made significant contributions in the field of Business and Technology and is designed to showcase companies that provide the most leading and groundbreaking effective technologies. The publication selected SafetyChain in its annual listing of the 30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016, based on its revenue growth, creativity in innovation, customer reviews and domain influence.

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Boost Plant Efficiency by Being Clean, Safe and Savvy

[Food Engineering Article]: Risks will always exist, but combining technology and employee training ensures processes not only comply with, but exceed, increasingly stringent regulatory standards as outlined in an article recently published by Food Engineering’s Jaan Koel. SafetyChain’s VP Marketing, Jill Bender discusses how leveraging innovative technology can help ensure food safety programs are adhered to and properly documented along with examples of how mobile apps provide transparency and visibility.

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How Data Collection, Analysis and Automation are Improving Food Safety & Quality in the U.S.

[GrayWay Article]: Manual data collection for food and beverage companies is a thing of the past. In the latest issue of the GrayWay, SafetyChain’s Co-founder and President, Barry Maxon, provides insight on how companies are utilizing technology to harmonize data collection processes and improve food safety & quality.

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The Internet of Things IoT – and Food Safety – The Next Big Thing?

[TechTarget Article]: Where does the Internet of Things (IoT) fit into the food supply chain? How are food safety solutions being ‘connected’ to help companies identify potential food safety issues faster? Provide better visibility within their operations? TechTarget’s John Moore published a great article, “Internet of Things: Food safety apps set to emerge” that examines future opportunities and identifies some of the challenges for IoT’s leap into food safety. SafetyChain’s CTO, Roger Woehl shares insights on how SafetyChain is helping customers leverage IoT to help continuously improve their food safety and quality operations.

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