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Highlights from the Food Safety & Quality Operations Survey

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September’s FSMA Fridays session with The Acheson Group was an extended one. We took a first look at the results of the recent Food Safety & Quality Operations Survey sponsored by SafetyChain and TAG. 

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Join Us For Our Upcoming Solutions Webinar – FSQA Operations: Technology Tools for Success

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Ultimately, the end goal of the FSQA operation is to ensure a company delivers a safe and high quality product. But the path of getting there is not easy when considering customer, regulatory, and other requirements. Join us for our upcoming Solutions webinar to learn how SafetyChain is helping food safety and quality assurance teams more effectively ensure program compliance and achieve audit readiness while mitigating risk and controlling costs. 

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Today’s Inspection and Audit Reality: The New Normal

Highlights from SafetyChain partner Melanie Neumann’s recent article for FoodSafetyTech. Melanie explores key changes in the evolving audit and inspection landscape, including audits lasting longer and the impact food safety culture can have on successfully navigating audits.

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Food Safety Matters Ep. 10. Interview With Mike Taylor

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SafetyChain Software is a proud sponsor of Food Safety Matters, a podcast for food safety professionals hosted by Food Safety Magazine. Episode 10 of Food Safety Matters featured an interview with Mike Taylor, a senior fellow at the Meridian Institute and an advisor to the Food and Society Program at the Aspen Institute.

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Risk Assessment: Important, But Just One Part of the Risk Management Equation

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There are myriad technology tools, wizards, and calculators available for food safety and quality risk assessment, which is good, but these only address a small percentage of the risk management equation.The risk assessment is very important in understanding where risk is in your operation. It is the process of determining how to assess the risk …

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Environmental Monitoring and Controls—Your Questions Answered!


In our August’s FSMA Fridays session, Dr. David Acheson reviewed new guidance from the FDA for food companies that produce seafood, juice, and low-acid canned foods, and answered pre-submitted questions from session attendees on environmental monitoring.

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