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2,500 Listeria Cases Per Year vs. 1 Million Salmonella—Why FDA is So Focused on Listeria

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Our February FSMA Fridays session with David Acheson, MD of The Acheson Group offered insights on why FDA is focusing on listeria and explored the suggested approach companies should take with respect to this pathogen.

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First Hundred Days to Include Food Regulation Revocation?

With the current focus on the activities of our new President and the U.S. Executive Branch taking the spotlight, it seems there is some Congressional activity taking place behind the scenes which could have significant impacts on the food industry.

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SafetyChain Solution Discussion: Tools for Success

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Our Tools for Success webinar featured a lively presentation and discussion with Jill Bender, SafetyChain Software’s VP Marketing and Dave Detweiler, VP Sales. If you missed the session, our co-presenters had some great insights to share about the intersection of technology with food safety and food quality management.

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Welcome, SRC Milling to the SafetyChain Family!

We are thrilled to share that SRC Milling has chosen SafetyChain Software to help them with their food safety and quality initiatives. As the premier supplier of quality proteins and ingredient solutions for pet food, pet treats, aquaculture, and livestock products, SRC Milling has a long tradition of ensuring the highest food safety and quality of their products!

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FSMA: Common FSMA Myths & Gaps

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FSMA: Common FSMA Myths & Gaps. Our first FSMA Fridays session of the year with The Acheson Group focused on common myths and gaps in FSMA compliance.

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Looking Back on the Obama Administration Food Policies

Blog post courtesy of Jeff Chilton, VP of Professional Services for Alchemy Systems. A look back at the Obama administration’s food policies and their continuing impact on the food industry.

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FSMA: What’s Ahead in 2017

As 2016 came to a close, our last FSMA Fridays session of the year with Dr. David Acheson of The Acheson Group focused on what’s ahead in 2017. For those of you who missed our December FSMA Fridays session, some interesting highlights to share about what 2017 probably has in store for us!

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3 Years in Row! SafetyChain Software Once Again Awarded Spot on Food Logistics’ FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers List

SafetyChain is very excited to be awarded again a coveted spot on Food Logistics’ Top 100+ list of software and technology providers. Food Logistics’ annual list serves as a resource guide of software and technology providers whose products and services are critical for companies in the global food and beverage supply chain.

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Risk Mitigation and Compliance Management Strategies – Tightly Intertwined but Very Different!

Melanie Neumann of Neumann Risk Services, LLC, (NRS) a global food safety and compliance law firm, shares her thoughts on the similarities and differences of risk mitigation and compliance management, as well as the year ahead and what companies should be focusing on with regard to these key risk management topics.

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Complying with the USDA Grind Log Rule

We asked SafetyChain’s VP of FSQA, Dan Bernkopf, who has worked in quality and safety management roles in meat production facilities for the past 30+ years, to provide a bit of insight on the impact of the USDA grind log rule and how SafetyChain is helping companies comply.

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