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SQF Edition 8 Takes Quality to a New Level by Promoting Use of SPC & Control Charts

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It’s great to see a GFSI scheme go beyond food safety compliance and beyond the goal of continuous improvement by prescribing to a science-based product quality process that includes SPC and control charts. SafetyChain’s Dan Bernkopf explains the significance of this new development in the SQF Code.

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The Acheson Group’s Top 10 of 2017

Blog post courtesy of David Acheson, MD, President & CEO of The Acheson Group. In January, we gave our predictions for The Food Industry in 2017, stating that we expected there to be a heavy focus on FSMA roll-out and compliance, as well as some impacts of the new Presidential Administration. Let’s see how we did…

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First Hundred Days to Include Food Regulation Revocation?

With the current focus on the activities of our new President and the U.S. Executive Branch taking the spotlight, it seems there is some Congressional activity taking place behind the scenes which could have significant impacts on the food industry.

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Looking Back on the Obama Administration Food Policies

Blog post courtesy of Jeff Chilton, VP of Professional Services for Alchemy Systems. A look back at the Obama administration’s food policies and their continuing impact on the food industry.

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Complying with the USDA Grind Log Rule

We asked SafetyChain’s VP of FSQA, Dan Bernkopf, who has worked in quality and safety management roles in meat production facilities for the past 30+ years, to provide a bit of insight on the impact of the USDA grind log rule and how SafetyChain is helping companies comply.

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It’s Time to Renew Your Facility Registration … and Ensure Your Category is Correct

It is October of an even-numbered year … which means it’s time for the biennial renewal of your facility registration in FDA’s Food Facility Register. This is a have to do by year end for all who manufacture, process, pack, or hold food. Read this guest blog post by Dr. David Acheson of The Acheson Group, who explains why the new guidance issued recently by FDA is of critical importance.

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