FSMA + FSMA Fridays

Environmental Monitoring and Controls: Top Risks

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July’s FSMA Fridays session with David Acheson of The Acheson Group focused on the some of the challenges food companies face within environmental monitoring and environmental control programs. There’s no question that this continues to be a major focus of the regulators, especially the FDA. 

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The Acheson Group’s Top 10 of 2017

Blog post courtesy of David Acheson, MD, President & CEO of The Acheson Group. In January, we gave our predictions for The Food Industry in 2017, stating that we expected there to be a heavy focus on FSMA roll-out and compliance, as well as some impacts of the new Presidential Administration. Let’s see how we did…

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Sanitary Transport and FSMA: Controlling Risk While Transporting Food

Dr. David Acheson

Our April FSMA Friday session centered on a discussion of the Sanitary Transportation Rule and its impact on the movement of food within the United States and the responsibilities of shippers, loaders, carriers, and receivers.

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The Sanitary Transportation Rule is Here: Are You Ready?

trucks on highway

Our April FSMA Fridays session with The Acheson Group explored implementation of the Sanitary Transportation Rule, which was mandated by the Sanitary Food Transport Act (SFTA) to prevent practices during transportation that create food safety risks. The rule took effect on April 6, 2017. Dave Detweiler, SafetyChain VP of Sales, facilitated the session with TAG Team’s Dr. David Acheson.

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The Conversation on Listeria Continues: Highlights From Our March FSMA Fridays Session

Peyman Fatemi

Our March FSMA Fridays session with Dr. Peyman Fatemi and Randy Porter of The Acheson Group explored questions about the FDA’s current focus on listeria and offered additional insights on FDA guidance and best practices for companies to consider for managing this risk in their facilities.

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2,500 Listeria Cases Per Year vs. 1 Million Salmonella—Why FDA is So Focused on Listeria

burning match

Our February FSMA Fridays session with David Acheson, MD of The Acheson Group offered insights on why FDA is focusing on listeria and explored the suggested approach companies should take with respect to this pathogen.

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