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Your Blueprint for Improved Food Safety and Quality Culture: Upcoming Seminar in Austin, TX

Lone Jespersen

Guest blog post from Lone Jespersen, PhD of food safety consulting firm Cultivate. Lone and her colleagues will explore the connection between organizational culture and company performance in an upcoming seminar.

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The Acheson Group’s Top 10 of 2017

Blog post courtesy of David Acheson, MD, President & CEO of The Acheson Group. In January, we gave our predictions for The Food Industry in 2017, stating that we expected there to be a heavy focus on FSMA roll-out and compliance, as well as some impacts of the new Presidential Administration. Let’s see how we did…

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You Can’t Measure What You Can’t Manage

At SafetyChain, our vision is to not only help the Food & Beverage industry stay compliant, but to leverage compliance data to drive operational excellence that improves net operating margins. We believe real-time data analytics is the key to using quality compliance to drive improved operating margins. Which is why we are excited to announce our new release of SafetyChain Analytics.

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Another Day, Another Class 1 Recall for an Allergen! Why?

recall stamp

The cadence of allergen recalls continues to rise year after year. Why do undeclared allergens in foods continue to be the leading cause of Class 1 recalls? What is the right approach to curtailing the potential critical risks for your facility and company? We asked Dan Bernkopf, SafetyChain’s VP Food Safety & Quality Assurance Applications, to share his thoughts on allergen recalls and controls.

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Welcome Albertsons Companies, to the SafetyChain Family

Albertsons logo

We are delighted to welcome Albertsons Companies to the SafetyChain customer community. SafetyChain food safety and quality management solutions will be utilized across Albertsons Companies 17 U.S. manufacturing facilities including beverage, dairy, bakery, and grocery.

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After Devastating Fire, SafetyChain Customer Initiative Foods Launches Comeback

We are delighted to share that our customer Initiative Foods — the largest private label baby food manufacturer in the US — is back up and running! They suffered a significant setback in July 2016, when a devastating fire destroyed their Sanger, CA facility and inventory.

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