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SafetyChain’s CIP Optimization solution provides the data intelligence needed to ensure compliance, reduce costs, and promote sustainable business practices.

Cip Optimization

CIP Optimization with SafetyChain

Providing visibility from the plant floor to the corporate office, SafetyChain’s CIP Optimization solution enables you to achieve better results with your Clean-in-Place (CIP) sanitization process. Leveraging the value of your existing CIP system, SafetyChain provides real-time data in the context needed to provide visibility and insights into everyday decisions about the CIP process.

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Ensure FDA Compliance and Increase Margins with your CIP Process

Manage internal and external audits and inspections more effectively with on-demand electronic regulatory inspection package creation. With SafetyChain’s Clean-in-Place optimization solution, ensure each wash is done correctly, mitigating line production delays. Plus, with automated data collection and reporting, you can better track water, electricity, and chemical usage to reduce costs and improve sustainability. 
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FDA-Validated Compliance Reporting

A paperless system provides analysis, reporting, and compliance with regulatory requirements and automated regulatory kit generation for every inspection. Automatic report backup, filter, search, and sort. A Unit Inspection Report meets all PMO requirements, including dynamic scale for level and temperature.

Increase availability for production and reduce downtime using root cause analysis and corrective actions. Analyze trends to identify deficiencies in problem areas. Reduce time lost for re-cleaning and sanitizing with actionable, visual data points in Live View mode.

Maximize Safety

Monitor every wash, meeting 4Ts requirements (Time, Temperature, Titration, Turbulence) and ensuring that exceptions are managed accordingly. Prevent recalls by managing THD (time held dirty), THC (time held clean), and TBW (time between washes) to meet regulatory compliance.

Optimize CIP Cost

Monitor your QA and sanitation program step-by-step. Optimize chemical and utility consumption, equipment efficiency, and cost. Track successful and failed washes completed by CIP, operator, or program. Respond to alerts and receive automated reports on CIP metrics.

Unparalleled Insight into Your CIP Process

Automated data collection from PLCs generates wash records in real time using benchmarks, baselines, dashboards, alerts, and exception reporting. Prediction-based rules provide early warnings in advance of exceeding a legal compliance or quality violation.
Live, real-time monitoring using visual indicators enables you to visualize the quality & sanitation program and track problem areas and resolution, helping you to be preemptive rather than reactive and rapidly demonstrate ROI for process improvement.

Operational Efficiencies + Real-time Visibility + Actionable Data = Better Results

Minimize waste and production downtime while improving sustainability and regulatory compliance. Ensure that you’re optimizing the performance of your CIP system to increase margins, drive consistency, and ensure quality.
Better Results with SafetyChain

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