SafetyChain's comprehensive food safety & quality management solutions are being leveraged by companies throughout the supply chain - providing the visibility, data intelligence and tools needed to more effectively manage, and continuously improve, their food safety and quality operations.

"SafetyChain's team has a true understanding of food safety and quality best practices.  They worked closely with us to fully leverage the software, automate our processes and improve our safety operations."

Eric Johansen, Quality Manager

"SafetyChain has been a great partner in helping us streamline and improve our food safety and quality programs."

Roger Becker, VP Quality & Safety

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"With SafetyChain, we have real time visibility to see what’s going on at any given time ... track and meet KPIs."

Michele Eddy, Corporate QA Manager

Steven-Roberts Originals is a SafetyChain Customer

"SafetyChain's solution is driving higher accountability and increasing our FSQA operational efficiencies."

Michael Gross, Vice President, Quality Assurance

"SafetyChain helps us not only monitor, verify and validate FSQA data; it also helps us trend for continuous improvement."

Lilia Rivera, Manager of Compliance and Quality Control

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"We chose SafetyChain because of their experience and focus to the food and beverage industry, their deep knowledge and commitment to best practices, and their proven track record."

John Chapman, General Manager

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"East Coast Seafood Group is proud of our commitment to high quality products and sustainable business practices. SafetyChain enables us to achieve greater visibility, transparency, and control across our food safety and quality operations."

Robert Blais, Chief Operating Officer

"SafetyChain has the most comprehensive and affordable technology. Their experts help us streamline and continuously improve our FSQA programs."

John Edie, Quality Assurance Manager

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