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Food Safety & Quality Management

Food Safety and Quality with SafetyChain

With heightened awareness of food safety incidents and product recalls, rising regulatory demands such as FSMA, and adoption of non-regulatory standards such as GFSI, the pressures and challenges of managing FSQA continue to grow at a rapid pace.
SafetyChain’s comprehensive, cloud-based solution delivers operational efficiencies to tackle the rising complexities and pressures of FSQA management head-on. With SafetyChain, FSQA teams are able to more effectively manage their day-to-day operations and achieve better results.

Ensure All Program Requirements are Being Met Every Day

SafetyChain provides comprehensive management of FSQA operations to help ensure all your program requirements are being met, every day. SafetyChain helps manage the complexities of program compliance and audit readiness by enabling you to organize and manage all your compliance requirements in one centralized system including:
  • Supplier compliance
  • Customer quality requirements
  • Food safety protocols (HACCP/HARPC)
  • Regulatory (FDA FSMA, USDA)
  • GFSI (SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000)
Food Safety and Quality Management

All FSQA program requirements are in one place with SafetyChain

Program tasks and workflows are assigned to every plan component. Alerts are issued when program tasks to meet plan components need to be completed.  This may include checks to meet customer specifications such as weight, color or packaging or food safety program requirements such as prerequisite programs (PRP) and critical control points (CCP). 

Monitoring tools provide a centralized and holistic view of all FSQA program activities

Easily monitor progress and ensure completion of tasks such as corrective and preventive action (CAPAs) by tracking submission of forms, reviewing program documentation and tracking updates.

Implement program changes quickly and efficiently 

New program changes are easily updated and cascaded throughout the system to all your internal stakeholders and external partners as required, ensuring everyone is always operating against the latest program requirements.

More Effectively Collect and Analyze FSQA Program Data

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of paper forms and program data everywhere.
SafetyChain’s 3-pronged approach to data collection —  via mobile forms, automated equipment data extraction, and online portals — ensures all records are managed in one centralized repository for real-time program visibility and automated data analysis against program specifications. 
When out-of-compliant results are detected — such as during receiving inspections or production floor quality checks — mobile users are immediately alerted and able to document corrections. Non-compliant records are properly marked for further review, and non-conformance emails are sent to key stakeholders enabling timely corrective actions as necessary. 

Ensure 24/7 Program Compliance

Critical to compliance is ensuring FSQA program requirements are being met every day! The sooner non-compliances are identified — upstream or within your operation — the faster you can take care of those issues and stop them from becoming bigger problems downstream in your supply chain.
And that’s what SafetyChain was designed to do. With SafetyChain’s comprehensive solution framework, you can:
  • Ensure program tasks are being completed
  • More efficiently collect and analyze program data
  • Be alerted in real time when there are issues to address
Plus, with SafetyChain you can easily trend program performance to identify and implement continuous improvement initiatives — key to meeting GFSI scheme standards and regulatory requirements.

Ensure 24/7 Audit Readiness and Quick Response to Inquiries

No more wasting time going through piles of paperwork, spreadsheets, files and boxes preparing for audits or looking for data to support inquiries. With SafetyChain, every FSQA program task, document and record is captured and time/date stamped in a centralized repository for easy online access 24/7. Responding to inquiries or showing records to auditors is just a matter of logging in.

Business Intelligence to Drive Ongoing, Continuous Improvement

And the best part of the SafetyChain solutions? You now have accessible, actionable data to identify trends and make informed decisions on how best to optimize performance and implement improvement.

Operational Efficiencies + Real-time Visibility + Actionable Data = Better Results

With SafetyChain solutions, you can truly implement a preventive vs. reactive approach to managing food safety and quality — providing stronger brand protection while lowering costs.

Better Results with SafetyChain

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