SafetyChain Technology Overview

Driving FSQA Operational Performance

Running food safety & quality operations is a tough job. Ultimately, the end goal of the FSQA operation is to ensure a company delivers a safe and high quality product.

But the path of getting there is not easy when considering customer, regulatory and other requirements. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of weekly food safety & quality tasks which must be performed and managed.  Some of these include record verification, supplier performance monitoring inquiry response, and audits just to name a few. 

At SafetyChain, we understand the complexities, challenges and business drivers of FSQA operations. As a direct result, we designed a comprehensive solution which ties together all essential components needed to help FSQA operations optimize performance and achieve better results.

FSQA Operating System

SafetyChain Best-In-Class Technology

From farm to fork, SafetyChain leverages emerging technologies to increase the speed and efficiency for collecting, evaluating and responding to food safety & quality data. 
  • Cloud computing for global access and scale
  • IoT (Internet of Things) for automated data collection
  • Big data for high volume evaluation
  • Mobile for instant access and response to actionable intelligence

SafetyChain Technology Built For Performance

Comprised of four key components, SafetyChain’s comprehensive platform framework drives productivity and enables better performance.

Program Management Automation

Ensures all program requirements are being met every day across the operation. All plan requirements are configured in the system and easily updated. Automated role-based program task alerts and workflows are pushed out via emails and mobile apps. Program dashboards empower users to help monitor tasks, identify and manage issues.

Smart Data Collection

Eliminate paper forms and having to manage multiple data sources. Tools deployed for data collection enable quick and efficient aggregation of data across the operation and include:
  • Data collection via mobile apps
  • Automated extraction of data from analytic equipment such as scales, PLCs, thermometers, and other probes
  • Online portals for suppliers to easily upload documents and enter data
SafetyChain can also exchange data with existing systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and more.

Data Intelligence Engine

Manage program tasks quicker and catch and manage issues. Architected to quickly aggregate, manage, analyze, and share a high-volume of program data, SafetyChain enables real-time program management. Monitor tasks, receive non-conformance alerts and reports, perform program or supplier performance trending, and more.

Centralized Record & Document Repository

Response to inquiries and audits becomes a matter of just logging in. SafetyChain’s centralized repository of all program records and documents is highly scalable and secure. All program records are time and date stamped and accessible online. All program plans, policies and procedures are also organized and stored online as well.

Operational Efficiencies + Real-time Visibility + Actionable Data = Better Results

SafetyChain’s comprehensive solution incorporates all the critical components needed to optimize FSQA operations and more effectively ensure safe and high quality food.

Better Results with SafetyChain

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