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Mitigate Material Loss with Real-Time Business Intelligence

SafetyChain’s Material Loss solution provides the visibility, data intelligence, and management tools you need to dramatically improve material loss management.

Material Loss

Material Loss Management with SafetyChain

SafetyChain’s solution for managing the material handling process from receiving through shipping enables you to more effectively control material loss and improve margins. With automated equipment data extraction and real-time analysis against benchmarks, SafetyChain provides true transparency and actionable data to achieve better results.

Real-Time Data Analysis to Mitigate Material Loss

SafetyChain’s Material Loss solution does more than simplify loss analysis—it enables real-time visibility into the factors that drive continuous improvement in plant operations. Material Loss helps identify how long key production activities take to accomplish and assists with scheduling and overall efficiency analysis. It seamlessly integrates with advanced analytics, traceability, and Clean-in-Place to provide multi-plant analysis and complete process audit records.
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Leverage Analytics to Gain Insight into Performance

Daily dashboards with advanced analytics provide transparency into metrics such as supplier quality data, area-based loss analysis, unit, and overall efficiency analysis. Benchmark facility performance on key parameters across enterprise. Create range-based exceptions to monitor variations across an organization.

Automate record keeping on bulk receiving and load-out. Electronically record key information needed in your production systems. Record quality tests and declared weight versus measured and analyze data by supplier over time.

Manage Inventory and Rework

Generate an inspection report for any unit and visualize trend data on parameters such as temperature and level. Easily cross reference wash records to individual units for reference in your traceability audits. See a live view of production results.

Facilitate Loss Analysis

Create electronic records of production batches. Integrate lab results, calculate BF, TS, Protein, DMC, Cryo, Pic, SCC, or other quality data. Manage variances and gain transparency into loss analysis for a product, area, or component ingredient.

Take Control of Material Loss Throughout Your Production Process


SafetyChain’s material loss management solution monitors your material handling processes from receiving through shipping electronically and securely, with reporting and analytics that help drive continuous improvement. Material Loss captures all material ingredient movements, tracks receiving performance by carrier, load, bay, and operator, and provides an integrated view of quality tests at each critical process step. 

Operational Efficiencies + Real-time Visibility + Actionable Data = Better Results

With SafetyChain solutions, you can optimize production, manage variances, and identify project bottlenecks — enabling real-time data-driven process improvement while improving margins.

Better Results with SafetyChain

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