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SafetyChain FSMA Fridays Webinar Recordings

Sponsored by SafetyChain, FSMA Fridays are monthly FSMA discussions with Dr. David Acheson and The Acheson Group team. Learn more about these informative sessions and sign up @ Along with the latest news about FSMA, each session covers important FSMA topics plus questions are taken live from participants.

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FSQA Operations: Technology Tools for Success

fsqa software typing laptop

Is your food safety and quality data being collected via paper forms or in different systems? If so, chances are your team is not getting the program visibility and data intelligence needed to achieve better results. We share how companies throughout the supply chain are leveraging SafetyChain solutions – Food Safety & Quality, Supplier Compliance, CIP Optimization, and Material Loss. 

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Shaking up the Status Quo to Achieve Better Results! Improving FSQA With Technology


Considering shifting from paper to technology to more effectively ensure compliance? Mitigate risks? Control costs? Daunted by the prospect of making this shift within your organization? You’re not alone! In this informative panel discussion, three SafetyChain customers share their experiences of rolling out technology to more effectively manage their operations. We explore the implementation process each went through, lessons learned, and results being achieved.

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Leveraging Real-Time Data to Drive Better Everyday Results

Is your food safety and quality data helping or hindering you? During this live webinar discussion, learn how companies throughout the food supply chain are getting the real-time business intelligence they need from their food safety & quality data, plus, see a live demo of SafetyChain’s newly released business intelligence tool – SafetyChain Analytics.

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Best Practices for Avoiding Allergen Recalls

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What are the primary contributors to recalls for allergens, sulphites, and gluten? What can companies do to reduce the risk of these types of recalls? How does this all fit with rules from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Safe Food for Canadians Act? In this informative webinar, Paul Valder, President & CEO …

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Food Safety & Quality Operations: Tools For Success

Food Safety & Quality Management

If your food safety and quality data is being collected via paper forms or in different systems, chances are you’re not getting the program visibility and data intelligence you need to drive better performance. In this informative session, you’ll learn how SafetyChain solutions are being utilized and results being achieved.

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How to Lower Your Risk By Lowering Your Company’s EQ (Exposure Quotient)

Understanding your company’s EQ (Exposure Quotient) – the legal, business and brand reputation exposure risk – is an effective tool to help you better manage risk within your organization. During this informative online session, Melanie Neumann, founder of Neumann Risk Services, LLC (NRS), shares the measurable criteria and factors that can help you evaluate your organization’s EQ along with identifying effective risk management strategies to lower your company’s EQ and increase your confidence in your food safety program.

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