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SafetyChain FSMA Fridays Webinar Recordings

Sponsored by SafetyChain, FSMA Fridays are monthly FSMA discussions with Dr. David Acheson and The Acheson Group team. Learn more about these informative sessions and sign up @ Along with the latest news about FSMA, each session covers important FSMA topics plus questions are taken live from participants.

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Food Safety & Quality Operations: Tools For Success

Food Safety & Quality Management

If your food safety and quality data is being collected via paper forms or in different systems, chances are you’re not getting the program visibility and data intelligence you need to drive better performance. In this informative session, you’ll learn how SafetyChain solutions are being utilized and results being achieved.

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How to Lower Your Risk By Lowering Your Company’s EQ (Exposure Quotient)

Understanding your company’s EQ (Exposure Quotient) – the legal, business and brand reputation exposure risk – is an effective tool to help you better manage risk within your organization. During this informative online session, Melanie Neumann, founder of Neumann Risk Services, LLC (NRS), shares the measurable criteria and factors that can help you evaluate your organization’s EQ along with identifying effective risk management strategies to lower your company’s EQ and increase your confidence in your food safety program.

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Is Your CIP Process Costing You More Than It Should?

Are your washes meeting FDA compliance requirements? Is your process creating costly delays? Want to lower costs and increase sustainability by minimizing your utility and chemical usage? In this session learn how companies can more effectively monitor and analyze their CIP process. Plus, see how you get the critical, actionable data needed to ensure FDA compliance and increase your margins by optimizing water, electricity and chemical usage.

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How to Better Control Material Loss and Improve Margins

Do you know when and where you are losing raw materials and product? Do you have the data you need to better control this loss? Reduce waste? Maximize production? In this session, Clara Gavriliuc, VP of Data Analytics with SafetyChain, shares insight on how companies can more effectively analyze material loss throughout your production process – from receiving to loadout – with SafetyChain’s material loss management solution.

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FSMA Preventive Controls – Identifying Gaps in Your Food Safety Programs

When does a potential hazard require a preventive control? What are the key approaches in assessing risks? Biggest gaps often found in food safety programs? Common barriers in making improvements? In this informative roundtable discussion with HACCP Consulting Group, Cathy Crawford and Stephanie Faucetta share their insights and provide guidance around risk assessments, meeting FSMA …

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Achieving FSMA Compliance with BRC Global Standards

Guest panelist John Kukoly, Director, BRC Americas, shares details on a new tool launched by BRC Global Standards to help companies meet FSMA requirements. John also discusses how the BRC scheme supports FSMA preventive control rules, what the new FSMA module entails, and key next steps for companies currently – or looking to become – BRC certified.

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FSQA Tech Talk: The Impact of Food Safety & Quality Mobile Technology

Guest panelists Alejandro Canelos, CEO, Apache Produce Imports and Travis Connally, QA Technology Supervisor, SROriginals, share first-hand how they are leveraging technologies to improve their operations. The interactive discussion focuses on mobile tablet usage, operational efficiencies being achieved and lessons learned.    

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GFSI Leadership Series: FSSC 22000 in the Age of FSMA

Guest speaker Dr. Jacqueline Southee, U.S. Liaison for FSSC 22000, discusses how FSSC 22000 aligns with – and gets you ready for – FSMA. Dr. Southee also shared insights on what changes to FSSC 22000 have been made, what companies who are or plan to be FSSC 22000 certified should be doing now for Day 1 FSMA compliance.

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