SafetyChain Expands Solution
Offerings by Acquiring Vigilistics

SafetyChain is excited to extend our solution offerings with Vigilistics’ portfolio of solutions – designed to help manage and optimize functions inside the processing facility including sanitization, material loss and inspection management, plus more.

SafetyChain Announces Vigilistics Acquisition

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 SafetyChain expands solution offerings via Vigilistics acquisition enhancing SafetyChain’s Food Safety & Quality Solutions with increased operational visibility, robust analytics, patented equipment data extraction technology and more.

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Reduce Sanitization Costs, Materials Loss and More

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With fast implementation and hard-dollar ROI, learn how SafetyChain’s new solution offerings can help your manufacturing facility optimize processes, uncover cost-saving opportunities and more. 

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Vigilistics – Data-Driven Manufacturing

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Learn how Vigilistics’ software drives quality, profitability and sustainability for Food & Beverage manufacturers by providing affordable solutions for monitoring, analyzing and reporting process operations.

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Vigilistics – the perfect complement to SafetyChain’s solutions

“SafetyChain’s acquisition of Vigilistics provides another level of depth and breadth to our solution offerings. With Vigilistics, our customers will gain greater visibility into their operations, and it will help them further mitigate risks and lower the cost of quality. We are excited to grow and extend the value of Vigilistics’ solution offerings.”
Barry Maxon, President of SafetyChain
“Vigilistics is excited to join SafetyChain with their deep expertise and commitment in helping the food industry more effectively manage food safety & quality operations. Vigilistics provides the perfect complement to SafetyChain’s solutions as they are fast to implement, deliver increased operational visibility, robust analytics, and hard-dollar ROI.” 
Mike Stephens, Vigilistics CEO

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