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Transform Your Food Safety & Quality Operation

Whether you’re overseeing food safety & quality in the field, at a receiving dock, on the plant floor, in a commercial kitchen, or in a retail environment — knowing what’s going on across your operations and having access to the right information at the right time is critical to successfully managing food safety & quality assurance (FSQA).

And that’s what SafetyChain is all about! Our food safety & quality management solutions deliver the program visibility, data intelligence and mobile tools needed to proactively manage and dramatically improve FSQA performance. 

SafetyChain is Built for Performance

SafetyChain Comprehensive Food Safety & Quality Solutions
SafetyChain is designed to meet the complexities, critical needs and fast-paced environment of the food & beverage industry’s food safety & quality operations.
As a result of our core functionality, SafetyChain’s solutions enable our customers to ensure supplier, food safety and quality program compliance. They are able to catch and manage issues. Respond to inquiries and audits 24/7. Plus more importantly, our customers can better evaluate performance for ongoing continuous improvement.  

SafetyChain Smart Data Collection

As part of SafetyChain’s solutions, our best-in-breed mobile app not only allows you to go paperless – it helps improve performance. Partner portals to automate vendor approval and automated integration of data from analytic equipment such as scales, PLCs, and thermometers enable quick and efficient aggregation of data across the operation. All data collected is date and time stamped to ensure data efficacy and audit readiness. With built-in FSQA program workflows, instant verification of data against program specifications, and real-time non-conformance alerts, SafetyChain’’s mobile app provides the critical tools needed to catch and manage issues earlier. 
SafetyChain Best-in-Breed Food Safety & Quality Management Mobile Apps


With SafetyChain - Paperless, Proactive Supplier Compliance Management

Conquer Supplier Compliance and Vendor Approval Programs

Managing vendor approval programs and supplier compliance is typically very resource intensive. With SafetyChain FSQA technology, you can conquer supplier management by automating your supplier programs. This is easily accomplished by automatically assigning tasks to suppliers based on your requirements and ensuring completion in a timely manner via a secure web portal. 

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Food Safety &

SafetyChain Food Safety and Quality Management Program Automation

Tackle Your Biggest Food Safety & Quality Management Challenges

With SafetyChain FSQA technology, you can truly implement a preventive versus reactive approach to managing your food safety & quality programs. Automation of program tasks and workflows ensures programs are being executed while giving you the confidence that compliance is continuously evaluated in real-time.  As a result, issues are caught and managed earlier reducing the amount of rework, retrievals, withdrawals, and recalls to better protect your brand and your bottom line.

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CIP Optimization

SafetyChain CIP Optimization for Compliance and Cost Control

Optimize Production Processes to Achieve Bottom-Line Results

Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems alone are not 100% effective at maximizing their full potential, because even the most advanced systems don’t provide the real-time data in the context needed to provide visibility into issues that impact performance and chemical usage. Monitoring every step of every wash enables plant operators to minimize waste and maximize production while improving sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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Material Loss

SafetyChain Material Loss Management for Continuous Improvement

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement to Mitigate Material Loss

Providing real-time visibility into your material handling process from receiving through shipping, SafetyChain’s solution for material management enables you to more effectivley control material loss and improve margins. With automated equipment extraction and analysis against benchmarks, SafetyChain delivers true transparency and actionable data to manage variances and reduce shrink.

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Overall SafetyChain Impact? Protecting Your Brand and Your Bottom Line

SafetyChain Food Safety & Quality Operating System Helps Acheive Better Results

Utilizing SafetyChain isn’t just about making sure your records are in order for audits – it’s about delivering real-time food safety and quality data intelligence to:

  • More effectively managing your FSQA operations
  • Helping you better mitigate risks by catching and managing issues earlier
  • Saving costs by reducing rework, retrievals, withdrawals, and recalls
  • Reducing time spent preparing for audits or responding to inquiries

SafetyChain’s solutions are about achieving operational efficiencies which support a preventive, strategic approach to managing food safety & quality versus just managing paperwork, and having the data intelligence needed to make impactful improvements everyday. 

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