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SafetyChain provides the program automation, data intelligence and mobile tools needed to dramatically improve supplier compliance and vendor approval program management.

Supplier Compliance

Supplier Compliance with SafetyChain

Going beyond an electronic document management system, SafetyChain’s comprehensive solution provides program visibility and tools to more effectively manage your entire supplier compliance program while meeting FSMA’s document compliance requirements.

Ensure Supplier Compliance Program Requirements are Being Met

SafetyChain automates the oversight and execution of your supplier compliance program. All program requirements are quickly configured and easily updated ensuring suppliers are consistently aligned with your current expectations.  Task alerts notify your suppliers when new requirements become effective and keep you in the loop as tasks are completed.  All submitted data and documentation is routed via workflows to designated approvers enabling ongoing collaboration across your organization on supplier management activities.
Supplier Compliance

Partner Portals Automate Vendor Approval Onboarding and Maintenance

SafetyChain takes the hassle out of keeping track of document due dates and chasing after suppliers. Partner portals provide your suppliers the ability to see what is required and easily upload documentation for your review and approval. Email alerts are triggered when documents are due or no longer compliant – for instance if letters of guarantee or insurance certificates are about to expire.

Turn Your Paper Forms into Business Intelligence

Perform all supplier compliance tasks, audits, inspections, and assessments via SafetyChain mobile apps. Benefit from automatic notification when data does not meet program requirements including access to a centralized repository of all program data for trending and reporting.

Monitor Programs and Supplier Performance

SafetyChain program monitoring tools provide a centralized view of all supplier compliance program activities to easily monitor progress and ensure completion of tasks. Easily track overall supplier compliance or individual supplier performance for scorecarding and vendor management.

Be Ready 24/7 for Inquiries and Audits

Supplier program data and documentation are time/date stamped and stored in a centralized repository.  Respond to audits and inquiries by simply logging in. Plus, easily perform root cause analysis, trend and report on all program components.

Operational Efficiencies + Real-time Visibility + Actionable Data = Better Results

Save time and increase program efficiencies by eliminating unnecessary manual work.  Reduce risk by preventing non-compliant ingredients and raw materials from going into production. Ensure you’re working with the suppliers who provide the safest, highest quality and best performing product.

Better Results with SafetyChain

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