Why SafetyChain

Comprehensive Approach to Helping the Food & Beverage Industry More Effectively Manage - and Improve - Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Managing FSQA operations is not an easy endeavor especially with growing supply chain complexities, evolving regulatory and non-regulatory compliance standards, and pressures associated with the heightened public scrutiny of safety and quality issues.

Yet, many of the food safety & quality management processes in place today are manual or managed by multiple systems, which do not provide the data intelligence needed to catch and address issues before it’s too late.  This prevents effective management and continuous improvement of FSQA operations.

The SafetyChain Comprehensive Approach to Managing FSQA Operations

SafetyChain Comprehensive Food Safety & Quality Solutions

As the leading provider of food safety & quality management solutions in the marketplace, SafetyChain is specifically designed to help FSQA teams optimize performance across their entire operation.

SafetyChain’s FSQA solutions and mobile app helps automate program execution and deliver real-time data intelligence, as well as, provide a centralized records repository — all essential components to optimizing day-to-day operations and driving continuous improvement in FSQA operations.

Day-to-Day Impact Delivers Brand Protection + Bottom Line ROI

Delivering Performance

SafetyChain solutions enable our customers to more effectively:

  • Manage supplier compliance and FSQA program execution
  • Mitigate risk by identifying issues earlier
  • Help reduce withdrawals, retrievals and recalls
  • Respond quickly to inquiries and audits
  • Trend FSQA data for ongoing continuous improvement

 SafetyChain customers have a meaningful and measurable impact on their bottom line by saving time, money and improving food safety & quality.

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Committed to Helping Our Customers Transform their FSQA Operations

SafetyChain’s goal is to deliver the most innovative food safety & quality management solutions in the marketplace.
We achieve this by:


Continuous Improvement
We continuously improve our solutions based on the evolving needs of our customers and industry alike.


Full Service Delivery Model
We work with every customer to configure SafetyChain solutions to meet their specific needs.


Customer Success Team
We provide ongoing system guidance, updates and support to ensure optimal system usage and continued success.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Before, when we had one single paper file, only one person could get to the data at a time. Now, everyone involved can see those files concurrently. Everyone knows exactly what's happening in real time.”

Anthony Villaloboz, Director of Quality Assurance

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“With SafetyChain, we now have real-time visibility and can determine best corrective actions when needed very quickly based on analysis of our data.”

Mary dela Pena, VP Quality/Research & Development

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"East Coast Seafood Group is proud of our commitment to high quality products and sustainable business practices. SafetyChain enables us to achieve greater visibility, transparency, and control across our food safety and quality operations."

Robert Blais, Chief Operating Officer

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“With SafetyChain Analytics, it's easier to manage program compliance with record exception reporting and one-click access to non-compliant records. I can immediately discern root cause and determine the best course of action.”

Madison Maxwell, Director of Food Safety & Compliance

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