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Food Safety
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SafetyChain for Food™ Solutions


Paperless Management
of Approved Vendor

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Food Safety &
Quality Management

& Quality Spec/Metrics

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Compliance &
Audit Management

Compliance Automation 
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Audit Readiness

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A dedicated single platform for food safety & quality assurance
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What Customers Are Saying

"SafetyChain has the food safety technology innovations, capabilities, prevention-focus and customer responsiveness that meets our needs exceptionally well."
Nye Joell Hardy
Sr. Food Safety Manager
"SafetyChain solution is driving higher accountability and increasing our FSQA operational efficiencies."
Michael Gross
Vice President, Quality Assurance
"SafetyChain's team has a true understanding of food safety and quality best practices – and they've worked closely with us to fully leverage the software...
Eric Johansen
Quality Manager
"“SafetyChain's comprehensive suite of solutions including HACCP / SQF modules, system flexibility and industry expertise made them the best fit for our needs...
Robert Butcher
Group Operations Manager
"SafetyChain helps us not only monitor, verify & validate FSQA data, it also helps us trend for continuous improvement"
Lilia Rivera
Manager of Compliance and Quality Control
"With SafetyChain – we've been able to meet our increasing FSQA demands without adding staff."
Don Jones
Vice President, FSQA
"We thought we’d need multiple vendors to get so much functionality but SafetyChain is very robust and manages our inbound, internal and outbound FSQA needs."
Crista Lowery
Regulatory Compliance & OSHA Officer
"With SafetyChain we’re able to help prevent non-compliant ingredients from entering production – and non-conforming finished products from going out."
Ed O'Neill
VP, Quality Systems & Technical Services
"We leverage SafetyChain’s first-in-class technology to get food quality information to the right people in the fastest manner possible."
Charlie Everette
Produce Quality Control Leader
"SafetyChain helps us do more than simply automate manual processes … they help us find ways to do things more efficiently and effectively."
Steve Steigman
"We were impressed with the SafetyChain solution and team … very pleased to partner with them for our FSQA automation initiatives."
John Ypma
"SafetyChain had the most comprehensive, affordable technology and experts who help us streamline and continuously improve our FSQA programs."
John Edie
Quality Assurance Manager

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